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How to Turn this Website into an App in just a Few Simple Steps

Updated: Jan 24

If you haven't checked out on your phone yet, you should! It navigates extremely well. I checked out app programs, and though I continue to check and certainly haven't ruled it out, I love what I've created and love the flow if it. It's user friendly as it is... so....would you like to turn it into an app?! Let's go!

Step 1: In your web browser on your phone, go to

Step 2: From any page you'd like (many choose the "Home" page), click Share (square icon with an arrow pointing up), usually located near the website link.

Step 3: Find "Add to Home Screen" and click.

Step 4: Click Add

That's it! Now you can access the site quickly from your home screen! Enjoy!

PS: You can do this with any website ;)

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