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How to Reschedule or Cancel a Session

Updated: Jan 24

Again, just typing this up for now, and pictures are to come if needed. If you feel pics could help, send me an email

Step 1: Login to site. On your phone, the top of the menu (3 Gray lines in a White Box upper right corner) will either say "Login" or your name if you are logged in. On your Desktop, your online profile under the search bar will either say Login or a Bell if you are logged in. Click

Step 2: On your Phone, click the Gray Arrow to the right of your name. On your Desktop, click the arrow by the bell and icon.

Step 3: Click My Bookings

Step 4: Click Arrow to the right of the date

Step 5: Click reschedule or cancel

Step 6: Go through the reschedule process and confirm. For cancel, click confirm.

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