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Hi!  Thank you for your truth, who you are, and how you feel in this moment.  I truly hope to help.  My life is constantly evolving.  I enjoy being a student of this great big, beautiful Universe!  In hindsight, I've been a deeply feeling intuitive since I was very young.  I went through masking my gift, and thanks to trauma, I began tapping into my gifts more deeply through my experiences and education in massage therapy, yoga, holistic healing, energy healing, and meditation.  I freed myself from the chains of my personal addictions, and I am continuously working toward healing "my stuff".


My healing journey has been quite beautiful, guiding me to gorgeous destinations to learn yoga and various healing techniques and helping me experience deep and meaningful connections around the globe.  

I've been offered so many ah-ha's and insights and conscious gifts throughout the years.  Here are a few that consistently ring true for me: 

~ Your healing journey begins before your decision to heal whether you are aware of it or not, so go ahead and make the decision to start! You can't lose!  So many choices, aspects, and experiences of my past led me to this moment.  We are given everything we need to heal deeply.  We are already whole.

~The Universe WILL guide you if you let it!  I hope everyone feels that:  the Divine tug!  

~Your healing journey is yours!  There are so many amazing and talented practitioners who will help you on your journey, but the only person who can "fix you" is YOU.  Make healing your responsibility, and take ownership when it comes to taking care of you.  When you heal yourself, you heal the world around you too!

~Connection matters. May this community we're creating here feel good and safe to all!

~Home is wherever you are.  Show up with love, and let it be!


My intention for creating this space is to have the ability to reach anyone, all walks of life, all ways of life and living and loving, who would like to experience a safe space to heal, find a little more meaning in this world, not feel alone, and have choices in which to begin.  I hope to help!  Please contact me anytime.